Beyond Imagination – Clarissa

8.8.2013, Thursday – CLARISSA

Dear readers,

I’m Clarissa from Germany and it’s the first time that I participate in such a peace camp. Today I want to share my experiences of the last day with you:

After breakfast where I got some insight into the Arabic language, we all went to the Wannsee museum where the significant Wannsee- conference took place. Even though this happened while the Second World War many years ago and also I am not to blame for the Holocaust I still felt uncomfortable reading all those German names of the responsible people, seeing the original document written in my mother tongue and looking into the faces of my Jewish friends at the same time. It was a very moving visit for all of us.


After this excursion in the afternoon the Israeli and the German group gave their presentations.

The Israeli participants described their inner conflict concerning the the situation in their country and shared very personal stories that are found in no textbook and in no news. It was a very emotional group for the whole group. The Palestinans asked quite critical questions and everyone could feel how much both sides were touched by the discussion of their conflict. It was very important, even though difficult to have faced to so many new insights on this whole issue on one day.

The German presentation was not that touching, but I enjoyed the discussion a lot when questions about the past „Why this wall has been built?“ as well as about the future „Where are the refugees from who are living in Germany?“ came up.

The multicultural evening that followed was a unique experience. We learned traditional dances from Israel and Palestine and got to taste some of the typical sweets for the celebration of the end of the Ramadan.

The polish group had prepared a quiz about their country and invited us them to a traditional family dinner. They had bought all the food with them: cheese, sausage, cucumbers, sweets, beer and vodka- it was really tasty.

Our German group had prepared to play improvised theater involving everyone that feels like joining in and we also had the joy to listen to some guitarsongs.

Finally we sang nearly endless birthday songs in different languages, because we had even to birthdays to celebrate.

All in all, it was an amazing evening where everyone got to know more about the others culture and we had a lot of fun together, no matter where we are from.