Beyond Imagination – Shady

9.8.2013, Friday- SHADY

Hello there, I’m Shady I’m 25 years old Palestinian living in Jaffa.

I study Civil Engineering at the Technion at Haifa.

I joined the peace camp cause I believe in peace and in the end of the occupation and the discrimination I experience in my daily life.


Today (Friday) it was our turn to present our narrative about the Palestinian Israeli conflict.

It was very hard summing all the subject in 1 hour long presentation, but I felt satisfied with what we showed especially after I heard feedback from our mates that most of the things that was shown were new, which means I succeeded in delivering the message.

After presenting, we had a great discussion about the presentation and I felt comfortable discussing all the issues, our issues, my issues, with this amazing group of people.

Later on after having a good lunch, we had a workshop about NVC, which I personally found really helpful and interesting method dealing with daily issues and conflicts in general.

This method actually aim for our needs and fears, and by using it we avoid blaming the other side or ourselves.

Right after the break we had, we had another workshop about mediation, so basically we learned what is mediation and how this method can be a useful way to solve conflicts.

Right afterwards we had an amazing mediation exercise where I volunteered along with another Palestinian, and two other Israeli mates to be clients, a Polish and a German mediators, a Polish observer and a German notes taker and all together, we had an hour and a half mediation about the Palestinian Israeli conflict, it wasn’t easy.

I felt like I’m responsible for the whole nation, did my very best to focus on every single human being in my country, took in mind the refugees and the prisoners.

Later on we had a discussion about it, and I was glad and satisfied with the work I’ve done especially after hearing our group mate feedback.

Everything felt not realistic, so basically I „took“ my dream and set it like a map on the negotiating table.

It felt great to think, create, and generate peace, it felt even better to gain hope that it’s actually could become more and more doable with the right kind if people.

Peace, love, education, music for all.