Beyond Imagination – Tamar

10.8.2013, Saturday- TAMAR

Hello, I’m Tamar from Tel Aviv, Israel. I want to dedicate the next few paragraphs to some thoughts I had about being “alike” and being “different”.

Thanks to this peace camp I’ve met, for the first time in my life, young Palestinians from the west bank. We live in the same piece of land for 27 years (my life time) and the first time we could meet was here, in a different country and continent.


Us and the Palestinians are brought up to believe that we are different from each other, in every way. And indeed, during the camp I learned that we are different. We live under completely different circumstances, we learn different stories about the history, we talk different languages, we have different views referring peace and fighting and probably different in million other things. However, at the same time I also learned that there many “alikes” between us. We both want to live and not to be afraid to die (the obvious one), we both are having difficulties trusting the other, we both feel not properly understood, we both have more outgoing temperature, we both don’t like the European cold summer and miss our desert sun, we look more like each other then like the Germans or Polish. And the thing that touched me the most was the cultural evening we had, in which THEY brought traditional food, music and dance. and I realized that as a Jewish with Marrocan roots, this is just like my home food, music and dance.

And now, I wonder; When do we choose to look at the differences and when do we choose to see the things that are similar? What makes us see each one of them? And even if the differences are bigger than the similarities, is it possible to see someone different and accept him with his “otherness” ? or we need to find similarities in order to accept someone?

Think about this.