Beyond Imagination – Dorota

11th of August 2912, Sunday – DOROTA

Hi, I’m Dorota from Poland. I jointed the Peace Camp, since I thought it might be an extraordinary experience and adventure, however, I haven’t been prepared to meet so open, honest people and to hear their stories. As pompous as it might sound, the camp was for me one of the most thoughts-provoking and eyes-opening events I’ve ever taken part in.

The longer I’m thinking about what I want to write, the more confused I am. The whole camp was full of emotions, tears and laughter – conflicts, friendships and stories which are far too complex to be shortly summarized just in few lines.


Sunday was busy day, but not the busiest and hardest on the camp, though. The workshops on that day focused on the notion of forgiveness. Such an important and necessary issue, yet so difficult to define and even more difficult to give. As a group we tried to enumerate reasons why we need forgiveness in our life, how we feel when we forgive other people and gain forgiveness for ourselves. Moreover, we discussed and tried to explain why revenge is so dangerous for us and should we avoid hatred in our life. The workshops were full of views, opinions and believes – sometimes very different, sometimes astonishingly similar despite our different backgrounds and characters. What for me was the most important – the mutual effort to understand and if necessary – to forgive.

For the rest of the day we tried to rest after our visit in Berlin and got prepared for the final day of the camp. Besides that we were making our personalized T-shirts from the camp. All of us got the blue T- shirt and was able to create his or her own token. We were using the same tools and paint, yet, all shirts looked really differently and, in my opinion, reflected our characters. Thanks to that we got something unique to remember the camp and the people until we meet again.